Strange Agriculture Laws Around the World

Farming is a global phenomenon for rich and poor countries alike. The government influences each farming practice with rules, regulations, and incentives. Some of the laws and rules can greatly favor farmers, while specific regulations can be very annoying. For example, it is illegal to kill badgers in English farms. However, they cause rabies, damage crops, and kill farming animals. What is worse is the fact that when they infect one of the herd animals. That animal can infect the rest of the flock. Leaving farmers with thousands of worth in damages. The farmers in the UK use more technology and less labor to turn a profit. They often require professional technology translation services. It helps with paperwork and permits for foreign machinery. 

Now, as many may believe farming is a complex business. You need paperwork and permits to do what you do. This means they often require agriculture translation services, especially if they export their produce. Moreover, many large-scale farmers often set up shop in different countries. Here is where they may also require technology translation for machine permits and more. 

Today, our topic is strange laws, so let’s get to it:

France: Do Not Name Your Pigs

The French have had a weird rule of government and kings. One particularly weird gesture involved the government banning people from naming their pigs “Napoleon” to prevent them from mocking the French ruler by giving their pigs that name. I don’t know how this all went down. However, given France’s history of being a rebellious people. It is safe to say that it would have been very interesting. 

Switzerland: No Cow Walking on Sundays

Well, this is not a country-wide law, but it is still in effect. People in certain parts of Switzerland can not walk their cows on a Sunday. The rule was implemented so that people are not disturbed during their day off. So you can say that it is sort of a noise law.

Japan: No Tapping Watermelons

I’m sure you guys are familiar with Japan’s unique culture. You might have even seen their square watermelons. Now honestly, I never knew that you could tap watermelons like maple trees. But I guess it’s something that the Japanese used to do quite normally. Now this rule is in place to protect the integrity of the fruit. 

Australia: No HoneyBee Import 

This is a massive regulation in Australia and they take their animal and livestock health very seriously. Now it is not impossible to import bees or their byproducts. But you do need permission from the government to do so. Moreover, to get this approval you need to get proper documentation. This may require you to get Agriculture Translation Services, for foreign papers. Honey bees also require extensive care and you may need to prove you are capable of caring for them.

Saudia Arabia: No Shoes for Pigeons

Okay, so let me give you some context. Saudia Arabia is one of the only countries that has a rich past of racing pigeons. Now pigeon owners would do their best to win and this involved the pigeons wearing suitable footwear. So it was made illegal to out shows on a pigeon, to keep the races fair. 

New Zealand: No Sheep In the Bedroom

This is probably one of the most bizarre laws on the list. A person was found guilty of having physical relations with their sheep. Now zoophilia is a big crime around the world and New Zealand is no different. But they went a step further and banned people from keeping sheep in their bedrooms after 10 p.m. The law was implemented to prevent issues as such this.

China: No Naming Pigs Zhu Geliang

Now China is also a global player in the agriculture industry. Many require professional technology translation services when exporting machinery from there. Moreover, those who do business with China, know how seriously they take their heritage. So, to protect their heritage they banned people from naming their pigs Zhu Geliang a historic famous Chinese figure. 

Iowa USA: Diapers for Horses

In Marshalltown Iowa, you cannot walk or ride your horses on streets without them wearing a diaper. This seemingly weird law, however, does make sense, as it is implemented to prevent streets from becoming dirty.

Spain: Stray Sheep is State Property

This law was implemented so people would take better care of their sheep. Moreover, many ownership cases began to pop up. There was no way of properly determining who the legal heir was. So this law is to mainly prevent ownership disputes. 


I hope these laws were entertaining to read. Remember, if you are a farm owner, you can expand by selling goods to foreign countries. You may need Agriculture Translation Services for the paperwork. But other than that there are not many issues. Moreover, professional translators know these weird laws and can help you make sound business decisions. 

There are many different laws that you can find online. Some may be even more strange than the ones we mentioned. 

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