Netgear Smart Parental Controls

Steps to Setup Netgear Smart Parental Controls on WiFi Router

In case you are a worried parent and want to learn about what your kid is doing online, then the easiest way to do so is to setup Netgear smart parental controls on your WiFi router. Apart from monitoring the online activity, you can create various profiles, set up internet access schedules, and do much more. In order to enable this feature, you need to access the web address. You can execute the process via the Netgear app.

Considering many users prefer using a mobile and avoiding the hassle of using a laptop, it is recommended that you learn how to set up the smart parental controls using the mobile app. To learn how the process can be gone about, read the steps given further.

How to Setup Netgear Smart Parental Controls?

1. Unlock the Mobile Device

Get started with the process unlocking your mobile device. For your information, this point is only applicable to only those users who have a habit of locking their mobile devices for security reasons. Once you have unlocked your mobile, check whether it has enough battery to not trouble you in the future while you are trying to execute the process. In case it does not, then make use of a charger to prevent the mobile device from switching off.

2. Enable the Internet Option

You need to ensure that the mobile device is not in a state where it is showing offline. We would suggest that you enable the WiFi option rather than using the mobile data. After enabling the WiFi option, you ought to make your device join the network of the host device your home, that is, the Netgear router. By the way, for this, you should fill in the passphrase of the network. In some time, there will be WiFi on your mobile.

3. Launch the Nighthawk App

The next step in line is to launch the Netgear Nighthawk app. However, this is only doable if the Netgear Nighthawk application is installed. In case it is not, then you should take our advice and make your way to the store on the mobile phone and do the honors. While the app is in the process of getting installed, it is recommended that you not mess with it by closing random pages, disabling the WiFi connection, playing games , and doing other tasks.

Important Note: Using Android? Go to the Google Play Store and in case you are using an iOS, then making your way to the App Store is required.

4. Create a Brand New Profile

Once you have launched the app, do Netgear Genie login and tap the Parental Controls tile and then select Add New Profile > Set Up. Take our advice and enter a name for the profile that you are creating and then, tap the Continue button. Soon a list of devices will appear which are connected to the network of the Netgear Nighthawk router set up in your home. You should know that both online and offline connected devices will come into view.

5. Select the Required Options

Select the device that you want your child to use and hit Continue.As soon as you hit the Continue button, a confirmation dialogue box will appear. It will ask you whether you are keen on starting a 30 days free trial. In case you are, then tap the Start 30 Day Free Trial option. Soon your new profile and the trial will become active. Now, you can forget worrying about what your kid is doing online.

To Conclude

This ends the guide based on the steps that can be followed to enable the Netgear smart parental controls feature on the WiFi router. Now that you have read the instructions given above, we are anticipating that you will be able to set up this feature on your networking device in a hassle-free manner. By any chance, you were not able to, then it is suggested that you make use of the other method to do the same.

Remember, we mentioned that one can access to enable the feature? Read the instructions given in the product manual and get a knowhow of how you can access the user interface and set up the parental controls feature.

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