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Is Down? Troubleshooting Guide How to Identify and Resolve Issues with

Many users are facing issues with  They’re complaining that they can’t access the platform or it’s not working for them. 

If you’re here, you must be facing a similar issue with the website. Well, we’ve got your back. In this article, we will explore the reasons why may be down or not working for you. We will also tell you a few ways you can fix the issue and access hassle-free.


From shopping to entertainment, is a dream website for everyone. You can watch various movies and dramas from different cultures on the website. It is especially popular among Asian drama fans. 

So, is down? Its recent glitch left the users perplexed as they were not able to access the website. It was taken down for a while which means users were facing loading issues. 

Users are dismayed by the issues. Even businesses were affected because of these glitches as they rely upon it for various reasons. 

Reasons Why was down or not working 

The operators have yet not passed any comments on the kisskh not working matter. Some say that the website might be facing server issues. While others believe that it was experiencing some legal troubles. It is also believed that the website was just down for the time being for updates and repair sessions. 

Ways to check if is down or not working

  • The first and foremost way to check if not working is by loading the website. If you can’t load the website or receive an error message, the website might be experiencing a downtime. 
  • When you’re trying to access the website and it is taking a long time to load, the website might be facing server down issues which means it can’t connect to a server.
  • If you receive any pop-up message like “server not found”, the website might not be working properly or it might be facing a server down issue.
  • When you’re trying to load the website, the webpage doesn’t load completely. In this case, the website isn’t working properly.

Ways to fix the server down issue

  • You must check that the issue is with the server and not your device by loading other websites. You can also use service monitoring or server status check tools. 
  • You must check if the issue is with your internet connection. It might not be stable or working properly. You can load other websites to check it. If the issue is with your network, you can restart it. 
  • You must check if your DNS settings are causing the issue. You can delete it by changing your DNS settings to a public server like Google or Cloudflare DNS. 
  • You can also check the stored cached data or cookies which can interrupt browsers from loading websites. You can clean the useless caches and cookies to tackle this issue. 

To Conclude

If you can’t access, you can call its customer support for professional assistance. You can ask them about the kisskh down issue and how to resolve it. 

This article by Waybinary discusses a few ways to fix the downtime issue, along with the reasons behind it.

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